Tips on Having the Best Limo Ride Ever

If you have found us then you must be interested in having the best limo ride ever or just interested in learning about limos in general, whatever brought you here we would like to welcome you to what we feel is a great resource for everything related to the limo hire world. We are not going to tell you which limo company you should hire and which to avoid, it wouldn’t be fair to you so we have put together these suggestions that will make the entire experience simpler.

Not All Limo Companies Are Created the Same

Open up a tab in your browser so you can flip back from us and the new tab, is it open? Great, so do a search for limos or some variation in the world and you will be given a large list of limos for hire in the area. Each and every one of these websites are going to say they are the “best” however we all know that the “best” is highly subjective so we come up with a few easy to ask questions that should help you narrow down the list of prospects.

  • What type of vehicles does the limo company have? The majority of us think a limo is a long, white car but that is just one variation of the vehicles that are available. While looking at the fleet try to find out what the seating capacity is of the limos and whether the vehicles are new. This sounds like a lot of research but you can tell just by looking at the photos whether the limos are newer. If they are newer and have a large seating capacity, then move them up on your list of prospects.
  • Does the vehicles come with WiFi built in? This is a modern creature comfort but chances are you and the people riding with you will want to stream the activities from inside the limo and having WiFi will help make that a reality.
  • Are the drivers professional and have a clear criminal record? There are some limo companies that are not very particular about who drives their vehicles and while that is their preference you should seek out limo companies that hire professional looking individuals who do not have criminal records.
  • How long has the limo company been in business? If you are planning a very important event, then you want to be absolutely sure the limo company is going to be punctual. One way of protecting yourself is focusing on limo companies that have been in business for a couple of years and have a track record that you can substantiate. Can you imagine hiring an inexperienced limo company only to realise they are not able to show up when you needed them the most!

Additional Odds and Ends to Consider

When you have gone through the preliminary screening to only list the limo companies that seem to be good candidates then you can start to really get down to the nuts and bolts.  You should try to find out how the limo company bills for their services, is it by the mile, by time or both? What you should do is look on the website to get this information, if you can’t find their billing information then call into their customer support division and find out directly from them.

Now that you know how the limo companies are billing for their time the next thing you will need to find out is whether the limo has alcohol inside and if you have to pay extra for it or was that already factored into the pricing? The majority of limo companies will include the cost of alcohol in their quoted rate but that is not always the case so what you have to do is confirm this before you move on to the next step which is assessing the limo companies based on their track record in the community. Circling back to what we said at the start of our conversation, the limo companies all claim they are the best but this is where the rubber meets the road. One of the simplest ways to establish the reputation of the prospective limo companies is by doing some research on social networking websites starting with Facebook.

Take your time reading over the feedback left on these social networking websites and pay close attention to complaints about the limo never showing up as promised. The reason you have to really focus on reliability is when you have everyone expecting a limo and it doesn’t show up you will lose respect and that is something you cannot put a price tag on. When you have figured out which limo companies have the best “show rate” the next step is contacting them and finding out whether they have a contract or agreement to review. Inside the agreement it should cover items like what happens if you want to keep the limo longer than expected, whether there is a deposit upfront and if so how much will it be. After you have reviewed those items the last thing you will need to do before making the appointment is confirm with your group they are available and interested in going out with you. Can you imagine how it would feel to book a limo and not have anyone to go out with to party!

While we have covered a lot once you actually put the suggestions into action you will realise it does not take much effort to find a great limo for hire. What you should do is document your experience by posting feedback online so other individuals can benefit from your insight, that is the best way to keep limo companies honest.