Moving Sash Windows

Sliding sash windows are essentially made up of several vertically sliding panels or “sashes”, and are one of the most efficient ways of naturally ventilating your home.


By opening both the top and the bottom sashes, more air has the ability to get in and leave your house. Eventually, in a moving sash window, hot air leaves at the top of the window, and attracts cooler outside air at the bottom of the frame.


Sliding Sash Windows for Modern and Traditional Residences


Sliding sash windows are suitable for both modern-day and traditional houses. They are frequently chosen to match the style of surrounding buildings, or to simply provide a touch of class and sophistication to a property.


All of our sliding sash windows are made entirely from wood, which implies that they are incredibly long lasting and likewise offer a wonderfully smooth surface when painted or stained.Similarly sliding sash windows have a range of colour and stain choices and can be ended up to your specific specs.Sliding sash windows normally come with double glazing systems for fantastic thermal efficiency and increased security.


Wood Sliding Sash Windows


Wood windows and timber moving sash windows are a little less costly than oak, but definitely do not absence in quality, class, beauty and sturdiness.All Lumbers are sourced from sustainable authorised forests and are of superior quality. Sash windows are produced from modern equipment in meticulous detail, yet still preserve the classic looks of conventional Victorian sliding sash windows.


Oak Sliding Sash Windows


Where you would like to ensure an in-keeping appearance in a residential or commercial property’s design, sliding sash windows/ oak windows may be the best option in making sure the entire building features oak wood.Providing the ultimate in luxury living,oak sliding sash windows are a popular choice for historic buildings and noted homes and conservation structures.


Moving Sash Windows for an Orangery, Conservatory or Garden Space


Moving sash windows make a fantastic alternative for an orangery, conservatory or garden room extension. Not only do they offer a conventional and elegant aesthetic, they are a practical method of ventilating an extra space.

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