Choosing the Right Roofer

Choosing the Right Roofer

Looking to hire a roofing contractor? Or maybe your considering climbing up on your roof with your neighbour of 20 years who you trust? Well, when choosing the right roofing professional, there are 6 things to consider before signing a contract that could cost you more money and problems down the road.

  1. Is the roofing company Insured and Bonded?

So many times, we allow so called professionals in our homes to complete repairs, not considering the risk involved if something went wrong or if someone was to get hurt. Please verify that your contractor has proper liability insurance coverage and worker’s comp by asking for written proof and then verifying online with registered state. Calling the insurer is also an option for the more personalized homeowner. Either way this gives you the peace of mind knowing that the security of protection for the work done is in place.

  1. “Cheaper” is not always the cheap way out!

Most home and business owners fail with this point. We are all on a budget, I get it! Sometimes different tasks need more of a quality approach, which leads to more money$$!

Price should never be your reason for choosing a company to perform roofing services. Going the cheap way out causes the more qualified companies issues because of the decline in the market, making it impossible to have needed documentation such as insurance and workers comp.

Being in this line of business for over a decade allows me to see how many have paid out thousands for corrected repairs. This money could have been a nice vacation for the family or put into savings. Make the right decision, or it may cost you.

  1. Stay away from storm chasers!

These guys are like ants trying to get to something sweet that may have wasted on the ground. They are relentless in getting your business, doesn’t matter how many doors that have been closed in their face. Once they get your business, you may never see them again.

Here are some of their one liners – “We were down the street doing work for one of your neighbors and noticed your roof damage”, but in reality, they were targeting your area because of the recent storms. If you feel that you are being pressured, simply call your agent and get referrals before signing a contract.

  1. Go with local qualified contractors.

These guys are there for your support if or when things go wrong after the work is complete. Find a local roofing contractor with quality work and good customer service. This contractor will be involved in the community and have a verifiable reputation in the community.

Local companies care about how customers and their community view their business. Therefore, if a local roofing company in your home town of Lakeland, Florida replaced your roof, and 6 months later you had a leak, they could easily come over and fix the leak. If the company wasn’t local, this would become a major issue.

  1. Contractor documentation is a MUST!

No money should leave your hand unless you have written documentation that you’re satisfied with.  These terms of agreement will be a binding contract if something was to go wrong. Please, please, please discuss and come to a written agreement before giving cash.

  1. Keep all lines of communication open.

Both parties should keep lines of communication open.  During projects like this, changes are inevitable so both contractor and customer must stay available if something needs to be altered.  From scheduling to a change in taste of shingle colors, always be able to communicate. Being successful with communication in the beginning before the contract is signed will prevent many issues from occurring, even possible lawsuits.