Top Tips on Hiring a Limo

Last week was hectic. I was covered with files and papers from head to toe. Making and receiving calls, meeting clients and all the bells and whistles of a 9 to 5 job really wore me out. The thought of coming week kept me going because some of my old buddies were in town and we had planned a crazy week together. So I worked extra hours daily and went to my boss and requested him to give me a few days off. Seeing my recent performance and hard work, he was more than happy to give me a few days off.

I won’t get into too much details about my crazy time with my pals but believe me, it was awesome. We rented a Limo for 5 hours daily and hit every place we used to hang out. I’ve rode limos in the past but it was an unforgettable experience because this time I rented it by myself, with a thorough research so that we could get the best service in the best price possible.

Being a “The Limo King” (yes that’s what I like to call myself now and yes I know it’s cheesy) I thought I should share my experience and may be some tips to you people about renting a Limo. So let’s get going.

Google is your best Friend:

Now a days every search starts with Google. Whether you are looking for, a phone, a classic book or any service you’ll find that on internet. Following the norm, I started my search with google and went through a bunch of websites of different Limo services in my area.

Starting your search from internet is very helpful because:

  • You have a starting point for your search.
  • You can compare the prices and the quality of service you’ll be getting.
  • You can read the reviews (not always authentic, we’ll discuss it later in the article) and make an informed decision.

In a nutshell, you’ll be able to see a complete picture before renting a Limo.

Pick Up the Phone and Start Asking Questions:

After the google search you now have a list of different limo service providers. Note down their phone numbers and start calling them. Although you already have some information about their services but contacting them directly can get you some more perks because the market is very competitive and companies have to go an extra mile to beat their competitor.

You can also judge their customer service in this way, not to mention you can get answers to the questions that are not mentioned on their website. You can ask them about the number of years they’ve been in this market, how many vehicles do they have, do they have a “Private Hire Insurance”, are their chauffeurs licensed etc.

If you want a specific type of vehicle or if you have any other requirement you can ask their customer service about it and clear your doubts so that there isn’t a problem afterwards that could ruin your day.

Ask others who Have used the Service Before:

Before you go on and pay the advance, make sure to check the references. Although you can do this on internet but the online reviews are not always legit. Anyone can make an account and can easily rate a service best or worst without even experiencing it. So online ratings are not usually reliable.

Check with the former customers, they can provide you a fair review of the service you’ve chosen.

Settle the Amount Before You Mount:

Well, I’ve tried my best to grab your attention with a corny title because this is the most important aspect of hiring a limo.

You should ALWAYS settle all the costs and prices before your trip.

Ask the Limo company to tell you all the fees and surcharges up front. Limo companies usually don’t mention the exact prices, the price you’ve seen on their website or brochure may not include fuel cost. So when a Limo company tells you that you will be charged $90/hour, make sure to ask them if it includes all the fees or is this the rate excluding the cost of fuel and other perks i.e. some limo companies provide drinks and snacks and charge them separately too. Asking the prices up front will save you from all the hassle later on.

Good limo service providers will tell you their price plan without any hesitation.

Check Your Ride Before the Trip:

Before your trip make sure to pay a visit to the renting company’s office personally and ask them to show you the limo you’ll be hiring. Thoroughly check it so you won’t end up riding a vehicle that could ruin your mood and day.

Enough about selecting a limo service, now here are a few tips that will help you save some bucks while hiring a limo servce.

  • Try to rent a limo on weekdays. Weekdays are not ‘hot’ in terms of business for the limo providers so you can easily get a discount if you rent a limo on weekdays.
  • Ask for an old but clean vehicle. New vehicles cost more but there is not much difference in the riding experience. Old vehicle can reduce the cost but make sure to get a clean vehicle, not ‘too old’ preferably.
  • You can take your own snacks and drinks hence cutting the money spent on Extras offered by the Limo services.

So folks, that’s all from my side. I know you have learnt a few good things from this article that will hopefully make your experience more enjoyable and economic. Your feedback is always valuable to us. Let us know your experience!