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Welcome to Too Bad Dogs, Inc Quilling. We are the only quilling store that offers adaptive quilling tools designed and manufactured in the USA specifically for you! We also create adaptive tools for other crafts. We believe no one should have to stop enjoying their craft or hobby because of age or disability. If you need adaptive tools click here. We'll try and create an adaptive tool so that you can continue to enjoy creating. We believe that everyone should be able to express themselves...If you can dream can quill it.

We also have free resources, discounts with no minimum purchase required, and a customer appreciation program. Please come inside and discover the doorway to your quilling experience!

What is Quilling?

Quilling (also known as paper filigree, paper quilling) is the art of creating coils from strips of paper. You can either keep them tight {also known as pegs} or allow them to bloom (also known as loose coils or coils). You then shape them to create bits of beauty (shaped coils) you can use to create pictures or grace cards, frames, furniture, boxes and more.

The beauty of coils is they can be made using a variety of widths, colors, paper types, styles, and sizes that when combined are only limited by your sense of adventure.

So come inside our quilling and papercraft store and start your own quilling adventure! We have over 60 years of Quilling Experience! In addition to a wide range or reasonably priced products we also have some of the best quilling and crafting resource pages on the net! Have a question? Email us by clicking here. Remember the only stupid question is the one not asked!

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QUESTIONS? We enjoy answering your quilling questions! So please email us and we will certainly try to help. Can't find an item? Need a special order? We don't carry the item you need? Email us by clicking here and we'll either order it or help you find another store that carries it. We strive to be the store where customer service isn't just a phrase. Check our policy pages for more information.


We offer many different discounts and you now get 2 discounts. Our regular discount and our new volume discount..the more you buy the more you save! Take a look at the Discount and Coupon Information page. These discounts mean everything is on sale 24/7! And with each order you gain bonus points that add up to a 35% off discount coupon* which can be used on any of our items (unlike some stores that restrict such coupons to lower priced items. Remember there are no minimum orders required at TBD!

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